Tree & Shrub Maintenance Services

Tree & Shrub Maintenance ServicesOur landscape maintenance team respond to our clients’ tree and shrub maintenance needs. We can help to analyze tree safety issues, such as overhanging branches and broken branches, and ensure issues are resolved with the utmost safety. Our priority is keeping the client’s landscape in peak condition while maintaining the natural shape of trees and shrubs.We understand that there are many factors affecting the ideal times to trim or prune plants. Some can only be pruned during the dormant season, while others perform best if trimmed back while actively growing.

If certain shrubs are trimmed at the wrong time, they may not produce flowers. Also, trimming shortly before frost or drought periods may seriously injure the plants and can cause them to die. We also cultivate and edge all planting areas as required to keep the soil loose and remove weeds without damaging shrubs and trees.

We cultivate and edge all planting areas as required to keep soil and/or mulch loose, friable, and free from weeds. We recommend topping up your topsoil or mulch every other year, to keep plants healthy , retain moisture, and reduce weeds.

Prune/Trim trees & shrubs as required to maintain a neat appearance at all times.

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