Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Parking Lot Maintenance ServicesWe can ensure that parking lot spaces are clearly maintained to minimize issues for those working or living within the property. Regular/annual maintenance of your parking lot is important for safety and extending the life of the pavement. We offer power sweeping, curb repairs, catch basin repairs and cleanouts, asphalt/pavement repairs and line painting.

We perform parking lot maintenance for property owners to help protect them against liability claims from visitors, employees, and tenants. One of the most common liability claims against business owners is trips and falls in parking lot areas. These areas can sometimes be damaged by heavy vehicles, and require long-term maintenance to fix any damage. As part of our work, we complete comprehensive maintenance on parking lot areas. We can fill potholes in asphalt, repair curbs and catch basins, paint lines, clear snow and eliminate or control all ice in the parking lot. Additionally, our snow relocation and removal services recover parking spaces lost in the snow. Our work can help keep everyone in the area safe against slips, falls, and vehicle accidents, and protect our clients against liability claims.