Spring & Fall Cleanup Services Ontario

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Spring & Fall Cleanup Services
Spring & Fall Cleanup Services

When the seasons change, property owners must adapt their approach to commercial landscaping. Each season has its own unique landscaping challenges, and these challenges must be met with a professional service solution based on the industry’s best practices for landscape maintenance. Our experienced team here at Essential Landscaping works to respond to spring and fall cleanup challenges. Within our work, we’re able to mitigate the issues caused by lawn debris and ensure clients achieve their ideal space for the season.

During our Spring cleanup services, we collect and dispose of all debris, leaves and dead branches/vegetation that have accumulated during the winter months in all plant beds, lawns, parking lots and more. We will also rake lawns as necessary to loosen matted grass, and cultivate and edge all planting areas.

Fall cleanup consists of raking/blowing as well as collecting and disposing of all debris and leaves from lawns, planters, parking lots, and planting beds. We will also clean out all planting beds and remove all dead vegetation and perennials.

Spring and fall cleanup is required for:

  • Minimizing Bug Infestations
    Decomposing plant material can be a haven for bugs. This might mean that properties become infested with insects if the optimal cleanup service isn’t utilized within a quick timeframe. Insects can cause damage to trees, shrubs, lawn spaces and plants. And once the infestation occurs, it can be difficult to stop. Turning to our experts can help to prevent this level of damaging infestation.
  • Ensuring A Clean Appeal
    Research shows that companies with clean landscapes are more likely to garner respect from the local community, staff, and visiting guests. By simply deploying a professional spring and fall cleanup service, companies can show the wider community they’re committed to environmental preservation and to maintaining the immaculate appeal of their green spaces. This approach to cleanup work can benefit the company in the long term, both in terms of minimizing long-standing lawn issues, and improving brand recognition.
  • Safeguarding The Lawn Space
    Removing the debris from the lawn during the fall season can help to protect the grass during the winter season. If the grass remains long over the wintertime, it can become matted, encouraging mould growth. Our experts can help create a lawn care plan that keeps lawn space in peak condition around the year!

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