5 Things A Parking Lot Maintenance in Caledon Can Do For Your Business

Parking lot maintenance in Caledon is important for your business. Not only does this service extend the life of your pavement, it’s an important safety feature. Here’s five things this service can do for your business to help increase your bottom line.

Fill in Potholes

Making sure that potholes get filled in properly helps prevent moisture penetration which can make a problem worse. Of course the number one priority is safety. A smooth surface is less likely to cause legal issues like slips and falls.

Paint lines

Parking lot maintenance in Caledon should include line painting for several reasons. Done properly, this service shows where handicapped spaces are located. Marking where employees and customers should park helps to increase a smooth traffic flow into your business.

Directional arrows and marking loading zones are just two techniques that can help increase your enterprise’s efficiency

Repair Curbs

A broken curb can allow water to seep underneath your pavement and cause bigger issues. A damaged curb can also present a possible legal problem. First impressions can also help you to make sales. Broken concrete can give the impression that you’re neglecting your property.

Fix Catch Basins

Catch basins are an important part of any sewer drain system. Some of the common problems include broken grates or frames and a catch basin that is actually sinking or one that’s installed too high. Catch basins are critical part of any parking lots of storm water management. They can prevent safety hazards that are caused by water puddling in low-lying areas and reduce the risk of slips and falls. 

Clear Snow And Ice

A professional company will push the snow away from your building. That’s why it’s important to hire one that has a detailed plan for snow removal. They need to pick an appropriate spot that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. A good contractor will understand their responsibilities for operating snowplows and always move slowly in your parking lot. 

We look after parking lot maintenance in Caledon for property owners.  The priority is protecting them from liability claims from tenants, employees and visitors. Keep in mind parking lots can be damaged by heavy vehicles and need long-term maintenance. Let us help you keep the area safe against accidents as well as slips and falls.


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