Professional De-icing/Salting/Ice-Control Services Mississauga, Vaughan, Bolton


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Professional De-icing/Salting/Ice-Control Services in Mississauga, Vaughan, Bolton

Controlling the ice on parking lots and driveways around an Mississauga commercial property is a critical task. It can take only a small patch of ice for a driver or pedestrian to lose control and potentially cause a dangerous accident or serious injury. Our Mississauga Professional De-icing/Salting/Ice-Control team here at Essential Landscaping Ltd. are trained to respond to all ice control requirements. We can identify potential hazards well in advance to mitigate the danger within the property and safeguard those working or living in the area. It’s how our work is helping clients achieve their ideal space while saving them thousands of dollars in damage costs. Salt may be applied any time your pavement is or can become icy. We can provide an estimated number of applications per season, based on location, type of business, and so on. We also offer anti-icing – when salt is applied to your pavement prior to ice accumulating, such as just before freezing rain is forecast or when the pavement is wet/slushy and temperatures are expected to drop below zero.

De-icing is an important safety component at any property. If you don’t keep your parking lot and walkways free of ice, you may be liable if a visitor, customer, or employee slips and gets injured. Mississauga Snow plowing services will take care of clearing the snow when there is a substantial accumulation, but salting is needed when temperatures drop and the parking lot gets icy, or during freeze/thaw cycles, runoff, freezing rain, etc.

We use traditional bulk salt and treated salt depending on weather/conditions. We will apply salt at appropriate rates based on site conditions, type of ice/snow, temperature, etc. To learn more about our Mississauga Professional De-icing/Salting/Ice-Control Services, call us at 905-857-5296.