Read These 5 Tips Before Hiring for Snow Removal in Mississauga

Essential Landscaping has an excellent reputation for year-round snow removal in Mississauga. We have 20 years of experience. Making sure your snow is removed in a timely and efficient manner is our priority.

It’s important to educate potential clients. That’s why we would like you to read these tips before hiring for snow removal in Mississauga. When you do, our team with decades of hands-on experience will be waiting.

Ask About Equipment 

You want to be sure the company you’re thinking about using has the right equipment to get the job done. A truck with a snowplow mounted on front may not be enough for a large commercial space. Likewise, three or four guys with shovels may not be able to manage your snow removal in Mississauga needs.

That’s why you need to ask about the equipment a company uses. At Essential Landscaping, we have a full fleet of reliable equipment on hand. This includes the right vehicles and other tools for efficient de-icing and snow removal.

Ask About the Details 

No two commercial or industrial properties are the same. Each one is unique. Some properties have trees and small hills. Others have walkways leading up to the front door of the business. Businesses looking for the right snow removal company need to get estimates based on their individual circumstances.

Asking a potential company for an estimate based on your requirements will show how they plan to handle the job. 

Ask About Response Times 

It doesn’t do much good if a snow removal company shows up several days after a storm. Watch out for time guarantees. Ask about emergency backup plans. Generally, expecting a team to come and clear your snow within 12 to 24 hours after a storm is realistic.

Ask About Employees

Business owners and managers also need to know the details about the employees who will be handling snow removal. The staff should be licensed and fully qualified to look after everything from shipping areas to parking lots and entrances.

Find out about any training and certification they’ve gone through.

Ask About Other Services

Finally, it’s a good idea to ask about other important services like de-icing and salting. Even a small patch of ice can cause an accident or injury. At Essential Landscaping, our trained team can respond to your snow removal in Mississauga requirements including ice control.


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