A Snow Plowing in Vaughan Safety Checklist

We supply an industry-leading snow plowing in Vaughan service, including the best drivers and equipment. Our team starts before any snowplowing project by thoroughly assessing the area that needs to be cleared.

Our staff makes notes about the potential hazards, such as any hidden objects buried under the snow and obstacles like curbs.

Here are a few other things that we’ve added to our safety checklist.

  • All of our drivers inspect their vehicles before starting a project. That starts with making sure there’s enough tire pressure for proper traction. They check all the headlights on vehicles, plows, and operational lights like taillights.
  • Making sure the job gets done safely when it comes to snowplowing in Vaughan for your business is our priority. Before starting a job, our team looks for any damage, like cracked walls or leaking hydraulics on the plow.
  • All of our employees check the connections between the vehicles’ plows to ensure they are secure.

We’re ready to start plowing once we’ve done a complete inspection. However, our dedication to safety doesn’t end there.

During The Job

Our drivers are always aware of safety procedures. They understand that backing snow away from structures is a safe way to begin. Using a process to plow the lot also increases safety.

That means passing down the middle of any parking lot so the snow can be pushed to the outer edges. Packing the snow down is also essential when there’s drifting.

Mindful of Surfaces

We are always mindful of the surfaces that we’re plowing so we know when to lower and raise the plow shoes. Our team is careful and understands when to raise the blade to ensure surfaces don’t get damaged.

Looking for a Clean Safe Parking Lot?

Essential Landscaping offers snowplowing in Vaughan for a variety of different clients. Contact us if you’re a retail or office property owner needing a clean, safe parking lot during the cold weather. We also offer our services to warehouses, factories, and industrial and commercial condominiums.

Our company has over 20 years of experience and a solid reputation for excellence in commercial property maintenance all year round. Professional, mature employees perform all the work that you get from us. They are supervised by industry professionals who have decades of experience.


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