Big Reasons Tree and Shrub Maintenance in Bolton Boosts Business Success

We like to tell clients the tree and shrub maintenance in Bolton is important to make a great first impression. Boosting your brand image and increasing your sales is a good move. Here are five other reasons this service can help foster business success.

Trimmed Trees Amplify Employee Well Being

Green spaces can help your staff and employees be more productive. Having an outside lunch space can enhance job satisfaction reducing stress and improving employee’s moods at the same time. Research has actually shown trees planted in and around your business can reduce illness while purifying the air and quickening employee response times.

Shrubs Are Noise Barriers

Studies have shown that well-maintained shrubs have an advantage for business because they absorb high-frequency sounds that annoy people. They deaden a variety of different sounds and can provide noise reduction all year round. Evergreen shrubs and trees are especially effective.

Excellent Looking Landscapes

Our priority is making sure that your landscape looks excellent. Tree and shrub maintenance in Bolton through us means pruning trees and shrubs at the correct time during their dormant seasons or when they are actively growing.

Managing Storm Water

Well looked after trees and shrubs are healthy and that means their roots penetrate into the soil underneath and around them. This allows water to travel deep into the ground rather than simply sit on the surface and flood. Trees placed in the front of buildings or at the sides allow water to infiltrate the soil and can actually mitigate the effects of a heavy rainfall.

Boosting A Business Image

Having well-maintained trees and shrubs in front of your business can boost your company’s image.  It shows that your organization is bringing value to the community it works in. Incorporating any kind of green space on your business property sends a message that you are environmentally conscious.

Having trees and shrubs around your business is about maintaining the landscape and keeping it green. However, it’s also about an excellent environment for everyone involved, both customers and employees.

Different Work

Essential Landscaping has experience in a variety of different landscape and maintenance work. If you’re looking for tree and shrub maintenance in Bolton, we can help keep your landscape in excellent condition.  Why not get in touch with us today to speak to one of our representatives?


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