Tips for Safer Parking Lots from Our Commercial Parking Lot in Maintenance in Mississauga Experts


Commercial parking lot maintenance in Mississauga looks after keeping the ice and snow under control during the winter months. However, it’s important to pay attention to parking lots during every season to prevent slips and falls.

Parking lot maintenance can help protect business owners from liability claims. We can repair catch basins, curbs, paint lines and even fix potholes and asphalt.

Here’s a few tips that can help you steer clear of any other potential hazards.

  • Position shopping carts in the parking lot. You might have employees or customers who carry armloads of bags and boxes in and out of your building. Having shopping carts available cuts down on the chances there will be an accident. These help to make the trip from the parking lot into your business or vice versa safer and smoother.
  • You need to consider older people. These customers or employees might not notice uneven areas or curbs. Commercial lighting can make sure that your parking lot is well lit for children, the elderly and the disabled.
  • You should also be aware of “off road” traffic. This happens when people develop shortcuts through unpaved areas. You might need to pave these areas for safety reasons or add some barriers.
  • You’ll also need to be aware of seasonal changes beyond the winter. If your parking lot is lit by timers, you need to adjust for the start and finish of daylight savings time.
  • Senior citizens and people with disabilities can have issues backing out of parking spaces. Adding pull-through spots to your parking lot can help them and increase traffic flow.

 Year Round Commercial Property Parking Lot Maintenance in Mississauga

Essential Landscaping has an excellent reputation for outstanding service and year-round commercial property parking lot maintenance in Mississauga. We look after office and retail properties and warehouse parking lots. Spring maintenance is important for safety as well as maintaining the life of the pavement.

Our work helps to prevent slip and fall accidents which cause legal issues for businesses. Here’s another tip for business owners and property maintenance professionals looking to stay ahead of any trouble.

Be sure to check your parking lot after it rains. Problem areas crop up after a downfall. You’ll see potholes where dips in the concrete need fixing. Standing water in low-lying areas can accumulate algae and mud to become a safety hazard.


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