How You’ll Know When You Need Our Curb and Pavement Repairs in Woodbridge Services

The curb and pavement repairs in Woodbridge services we offer keep your business safe and looking great. Asphalt is still one of the most sustainable and durable materials for your commercial parking lots. However, there are several reasons why your parking lots can become damaged with time.

Irregular maintenance, drainage problems because of heavy traffic, and improper installation are just a few. Here are some common pavement defects and issues that will need to be fixed.

  • Longitudinal cracking starts with just a few fissures. Over time, these long parallel cracks will meet at the very center of your parking lot. There are only a few at first. However, more develop as time goes on due to frost heaving and joint failures as well as a heavy traffic load.
  • Alligator cracking is another situation that requires our curb and pavement repairs and Woodbridge services. This type of cracking is very serious because it generally points to a structural failure. Poor drainage can be the culprit. Or, the base or surface of the asphalt might have been applied too thin. Because this type of cracking points to a bigger issue, a deep patch is needed.
  • Block cracking is another issue. These cracks look like big interconnected rectangles. This type of cracking has nothing to do with load weight. It’s generally caused by the asphalt binder’s inability to contract and expand as the temperature changes.
  • Incorrect sealing can cause what’s called edge cracking after only a short time. These expand and eventually become alligator cracks in your parking lot. Ask us about how we can fill the edges in to eliminate any excess moisture that causes this issue.

Essential Landscaping recommends asphalt as the preferred material for your parking lot. Parking lots see more deicing salt than roadways. Asphalt is also a darker material. It’s excellent at absorbing heat which helps melt snow and ice during the winter months.

Here are a few other reasons why asphalt is an excellent choice. Per square foot, it’s less expensive than concrete. It’s also easy to maintain.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our curb and pavement repairs in Woodbridge services. We can help you keep the grounds around your business in immaculate condition. Our team works effectively and diligently to solve any of your issues.


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