Essential Landscaping can provide all your Mississauga snow plowing service needs

Living and working in the Greater Toronto area is a rewarding experience any time of the year even when there’s three feet of snow on the ground and the entire city has ground to a halt. Winter maintenance activities handled by the City of Toronto itself and the surrounding towns and cities are undertaken by stalwart and fearless municipal workers, but with such a massive number of streets and sidewalks to clear it’s nearly a certainty that public snow plow service can sometimes leave much to be desired. However, you don’t have to spend hours shoveling out your driveway or de-icing your sidewalk – instead, you can turn to Essential Landscaping for your Mississauga snow plowing service needs.

Essential Landscaping has been managing winter weather in the GTA for more than 20 years, picking up where publicly-provided Mississauga snow plowing service leave off. We specialize in making sure that Class “A” properties have the snow plowing services they need to remain open and accessible – whether it’s the road outside your retirement home or the parking lot of your shopping center, Essential Landscaping can keep your properties safe and free of snow and ice so you can open for business in the wake of the kind of massive snowstorms that Toronto has to endure every winter.

We feature 24-hour dispatching and nightly monitoring to ensure you’re never left out in the cold, and our fleet of carefully maintained heavy-duty snowplows and service vehicles will never fail to reach your property in order to provide our snowplow services. We provide Mississauga snow plowing service, making us a full-service snow removal company. Call us at (905) 857-5296 today to ensure your commercial property is protected from snow and ice this winter.


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