Essential Landscaping is a Mississauga snow plowing company you can trust

The Greater Toronto Area is a great place to live year-round, even in the brutal winter seasons that can leave piles of snow everywhere. The City of Toronto does its best when it comes to snow plowing companies, but even the fleet of fearless and tireless municipal workers can’t get every sidewalk and street – sometimes you’re left buried up to your neck. However, if you want your street plowed, turn to Essential Landscaping as they are the Mississauga snow plowing company and you won’t regret it.

Essential Landscaping has a proven track record as a Mississauga snow plowing company in the GTA for more than two decades. We pick up the slack for overtaxed and overextended public snow removal services. If you’ve got a Class “A” property that needs snow removal, we’ll keep your property accessible and open; it doesn’t matter if your shopping centre’s parking lot needs a plow or if the road running by your retirement home needs to be cleared. We’re one snow plowing company that can keep your properties free of snow and safe so you can open your doors after even the most brutal of Toronto snowstorms.

Not only do we have nightly monitoring and 24 hour dispatching to make sure you’re never left stranded, our fleet of service vehicles and snowplows is kept in perfect shape to ensure that we’ll always have what’s needed to get your street plowed. We can even provide ice control services in addition, something that many snow plowing companies don’t. Give us a call today at (905) 857-5296 and make sure your property is ready for this winter’s inevitable snow.


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