FAQss About Why You Need Professional Deicing/Salting/Ice Control Services in Mississauga

Winter is coming and that means you need professional deicing/salting/ice control services in Mississauga for your commercial property. Businesses are expected to keep walkways and parking lots clear for deliveries and customers alike.

People’s safety depends on you taking action to combat winter. Combating ice is one of the biggest challenges everyone faces. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about why you need a professional service to look after them for you.

What are the Hazards of Snow and Ice Buildup?

There are a number of reasons why you need to keep your commercial property clear when the weather turns colder. Property damage is at the top of the list. A buildup of ice and snow can put pressure on cement in a walkway or parking lot. This can in turn create potholes and cracking.

Clients and customers who visit your business deserve a safe environment. The same can be said for your employees.

How Does My Business Control Ice?

Having a plan in place before the snow starts to fall and the ice forms is a good idea. One of the best options is hiring professional deicing/salting/ice control services in Mississauga through Essential Landscaping. Our company is over 20 years old and all of our employees are professional and mature.

Commercial business owners also ask some other questions as the weather turns colder.

What Kind of Plan Do I Need?

A safety plan needs to have a winter element. This includes using weatherproofing floor mats inside and proper warning signs on the sidewalks that lead up to your business. Commercial property owners also need to have an overall safety plan in place.

Taking a look at your roof and downspouts before the cold weather hits is another good idea. If water backs up and freezes because of poor drainage, parking lots and walkways can become unsafe for visitors and employees.

  • One of the other elements any winter safety plan should have deals with lighting. Winter in Canada means there is less sunlight and more dark periods. Adequate exterior lighting should be installed.
  • Commercial property owners need to have a plan for emergency situations. That can include having radios, flashlights, and generators on hand.

Of course, the best solution is to hire a professional deicing/salting/ice control services in Mississauga team. Essential Landscaping can look after these needs for you in a professional affordable manner.


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