Get the job done right with a premier excavation company in Toronto

Simple excavation is often all that’s necessary to get the ball rolling on an outdoor project that will completely transform your outdoor space. Consider the parties and events you can host on a large, spacious, and beautiful patio. Imagine yourself enjoying the sunrise as you cozy up with a mug of coffee on your brand new deck. All outdoor residential projects of this nature have something in common: they start with reliable excavation services from a reputable excavation company in Toronto.

Excavation is the process of removing dirt, leveling ground, building foundations, spreading and grading gravel, and doing all of the other foundational tasks necessary for building sturdy and reliable structures. If you need an excavation company that can get the job done right the first time, enhancing the integrity of your outdoor projects, consider Essential Landscaping. We’ve got the experience and equipment necessary to handle your light demolition work and excavation needs.

You can choose to hire a full-scale excavation contractor to oversee your project from start to finish, or you can even rent our compact and efficient excavation equipment for a competitive price. If you simply want a storage or disposal bin to fill with scraps and demolition garbage, we can provide that, too. We offer multiple service options because we want, above all else, to fulfill our customer needs.

Essential Landscaping is truly one of the premier excavation company in Toronto and the surrounding areas. For more information, we invite you to call 905.857.5296.


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