Great Mississauga Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Part of having a successful business is implementing Mississauga commercial landscape ideas that pop. It doesn’t matter what kind of goods and services you sell. Making a great first impression is important. It doesn’t matter whether your outfitting the front of a Fortune 500 company or a small mom and pop store.

These tips will help you with the kind of great visuals and atmosphere that will draw interested people.

Start with Trees and You Won’t Be Disappointed

It usually doesn’t surprise people when they find out that trees are one of the cornerstones of any commercial landscaping project.Of course, there are a variety to choose from. Some of the trees that you can strategically place are functional — they provide shade or hide unsightly parts of the building or grounds you want obstructed.


There are other varieties that provide shade. These are becoming more and more popular as modern businesses strive for work life balance. Choosing trees like the Maple can provide shade for outdoor meetings and alternative office spaces.

Brampton Commercial Landscaping Choices 

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of varieties of trees to choose from. If you’re looking to landscape the area around an office or condominium, choosing an ornamental tree like a Pygmy Date Palm can be the right choice.

Not only do these add an elegant touch that speaks to the image you’re trying to portray, there’s an added security feature. With these smaller Brampton commercial landscaping choices, there is a clear and unobstructed view of the front entrance way of your structure.

Excellent Landscapers to Work With

Trees are the perfect choice for a building that houses people coming and going all hours of the day or night or employees arriving and leaving at different hours. It’s also essential to find excellent landscapers to work with. There’s an ROI for your company since employees are motivated and clients are attracted to your building.


No discussion of Caledon commercial landscaping is complete without considering all of the benefits of more traditional choices like Evergreens. Because these shrubs and trees come in such a wide array of choices, some careful planning is a good idea before you buy any.

For example, if your building is on a higher elevation you might have issues with wind during certain seasons. That’s why a large stand ofEvergreens strategically replaced can be aesthetically pleasing while  creating an excellent windbreak at the same time.

Excellent Privacy Screens

On the other side of that coin, small slender Evergreen trees are excellent privacy screens that don’t take up too much area.

Essential Landscaping is your one stop location for the very best in commercial landscaping inBolton, Vaughan and Concord. We pride ourselves on having outstanding experience in the field. Most of our staff has over 10 years of experience.

Affordable Mississauga Commercial Landscaping

One of things that separates us from the competition is the fact that we are affordable.Not only that, we look after each and every detail when it comes to any and all of your commercial landscaping projects.

Of course, that includes manicuring and mowing your lawns. Here’s a few of the best practises we use that our Woodbridge and Etobicoke clients rave about.

  • Being environmentally friendly is a big part of everything that we do including lawn cutting. Our Mississauga commercial landscaping techniques involve returning nutrients back to the lawns we’ve just cut. By allowing the carvings to stay discreetly on the lawn nutrients, like nitrogen get recycled. In the end, it makes for a lush green appearance that adds to those all-important first impressions.
  • Mowing at precisely the right times makes a big difference. For example, we never mow a commercial property right after it rains because grass tends to clump when it’s moist. There’s also a chance that you can rut the lawn. Cutting wet grass also makes it more susceptible to certain kinds of diseases.

Getting the most from Mississauga commercial landscaping means getting a professional company to partner with. It’s important to work with a firm that understands your vision and can turn it into a reality. They should have the experience and staff to be able to understand exactly what your needs are. It’s an added bonus when they can tune themselves into your company culture and derive a landscape design from that.

Everything That You Need

Essential Landscaping has everything that you need to make a successful commercial landscaping project come to life. Not only are we dedicated to making sure that your commercial property looks inviting and welcoming, we will help to limit your liability.

We offer a complete package that includes landscaping and snow removal. Were they all seasons choice that’s the credible and affordable and your best bet for best in class Mississauga commercial landscaping.


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