Here’s a Spring and Fall Cleanup Services in Vaughan Checklist

The Spring and Fall cleanup services in Vaughan we offer at Essential Landscaping help your business to make a great first impression.  These are critical regardless of the type of business you’re in. The first impressions you give off to clients or customers set the tone for any future business relationship. It shows that you are prepared and professional.

These can often start with the landscape and front of your building. Here’s a checklist of the things that we can do to help.

  • A full spring cleanup includes removing all the litter that’s been left lying in the snow all winter long. Evergreens and shrubs also need to be pruned so they look their best. Planted areas need to be cultivated and tree pits as well as edge planter beds need to be worked on. Some turf areas need to be rolled during the spring in preparation for the summer.
  • If your company uses an automatic irrigation system, spring is the time to check to see if it needs to be repaired. The controller batteries for the system need to be maintained and set for the correct date and time. If the front of your building or the landscape around your office has garden beds, the spring is also the time to remove any weeds.

There’s a lot to do in the spring to make sure that you make an excellent first impression. That includes looking after all of the lawns around your business.

Spring and Fall Cleanup Services in Vaughan Including Turf Maintenance

Pest management starts at this time of year to get the best results. Decomposing plant material that’s been left all winter long is a great place for insects and bugs to breed. A spring clean-up needs to be done quickly before these insects cause damage to plants, lawn spaces, trees and shrubs.

Preventing Infestations

There are a few things that you can do to prevent bug infestations. For example, all your water feature should be equipped with tools that prevents any water from being stagnant. Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Ask us about the kind of mulch implants that can actually deter pests from invading. We can also offer some excellent suggestions on the best ways to use mulch.

Our Spring and Fall Cleanup Services in Vaughan are dedicated to making sure your enterprise provides a great first impression. Get in touch to learn more.


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