When it comes to Mississauga snow removal companies, Essential Landscaping has what it takes

It’s a simple fact that not every snow removal company is created equal. There are good ones, there not-so-good ones, and then there are truly great ones – and when it comes to Mississauga snow removal companies, Essential Landscaping has an impeccable reputation for service and reliability.

We’ve got more than 20 years of experience in the business of making sure your property is free of snow and ice during those oh-so-notorious Ontario winters. Thanks to that fantastic little meteorological condition known as “lake effect snow,” the GTA gets inundated with snow and ice each year and every year, and that’s just at the beginning of the season. However, Essential Landscaping knows how to handle the sudden influx as well as the steady accumulation that we’re subject to year-in and year-out. Our superbly maintained heavy-duty equipment is ready to go at a moment’s notice, and our 24-hour dispatch service and our nightly weather monitoring ensure that we’re never taken by surprise – and that means neither are you if we’re your snow removal company.

Essential Landscaping is one of the Mississauga snow removal companies providing snow removal and ice control to Class “A” properties in the GTA. Whether you’ve got a shopping centre that needs snow cleared from its parking lot, an office building with an iced-over sidewalk, or any other kind of commercial or industrial property that needs to be kept clear of winter weather, Essential Landscaping can keep your property clean and clear all winter long. Give us a call at (905) 857-5296 to find out even more about how we can provide you with safety and peace of mind this coming winter season and for many more to come.


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