Our Mississauga Snow Removal Services Are Complete

Essential Landscaping understands how important it is as the winter approaches to have a property that’s free from both snow and ice. That’s why our Mississauga Snow removal services make us will one of the industry leaders when it comes to winter services in Ontario.

Because it’s one of our favorite subjects, we thought we’d put together some interesting facts about snow. Hopefully these will show you that we are serious about making sure you can enjoy this lovely white stuff and clean parking lots and driveways at the same time!

Did you know?

  • Most snowfalls happen during warmer temperatures? Many people equate snow with cold air but that’s not always the case. Science tells us that when the temperature is below zero, snowing is unlikely.
  • Snow is white for a very good reason. Once again, science tells us that the color comes from the fact that light is reflecting off ice inside the snow and that’s just one of the facts we found fascinating. It’s nice to look at, but that doesn’t stop our Mississauga snow removal services from getting it out of your way.
  • There are some places that get snow you wouldn’t think of. That might be hard for you to believe living here in Canada. However, there is a volcano in Hawaii that gets some of the powdery white stuff every five years or so.

We like to tell our valuable clients all about the Ontario winter grounds maintenance work that we do that of course includes Mississauga snow removal. One of the big things that separates us from the competition is the fact that we do a safety analysis.

When you hire us to look after your winter maintenance, you can rest assured that we are always on call to apply salt when and where you need it.

One of the other big advantages to hiring us for Mississauga snow removal is the fact that we have years of experience. It doesn’t matter what kind of bad weather conditions, size of the commercial and residential property, or the business hours you keep. We are always available to make sure that your property is safe and attractive during even the worst winter storm.

Here’s a few other facts about snow we thought you wouldn’t want to miss.

  • Not many people know that those pretty snowflakes that fall from the sky aren’t the only kind of snow that we experience. Scientists tell us that snow pellets and sleet are also forms of snow. They form when ice crystals fall through clouds. This form of snow is often called sleet and it can be a little messy.
  • Syracuse New York had a pretty novel approach in 1992 when they suffered through a series of snowstorms. City Council there passed an ordinance making snow illegal before Christmas. Not to be outdone, mother nature dumped more of the white stuff on the town just a day later.
  • There are some interesting myths surrounding snow too. One is that no two snowflakes are exactly the same or identical. The idea was laid to rest when scientists found two snowflakes that were exactly alike after a storm in Wisconsin in 1998.
  • Here’s another interesting fact that you can enjoy while reading about our Mississauga snow removal services. Folks in Montana swear by the fact that the largest snowflake was as big as a frying pan. More than a few people in that state saw several of these during a storm in 1887.
  • Although we think we live in the era of extreme weather, there are some historical records that are more severe. For example,in 1921 in the United States almost 80 inches of snow fell in Colorado.
  • You might be proud of the fact that the record for the most snow angels ever made at once is Canadian. Back in 2011, over 20,000 people from Nova Scotia in over 100 different locations made snow angels to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Just a little over two years later our American friends set another record for the largest snowball fight. It took place in Seattle and there were almost 6000 people involved.

Essential Landscaping loves to give our valuable clients something to read. However, we want you to understand how seriously we take your Mississauga snow removal needs. Along with all of the other attributes to the service we offer, we also have all the necessary equipment.

That’s why we are able to respond when you need us and when Mother Nature tells us we need to get to work! Our tools and equipment are always properly maintained and ready to go on a moment’s notice. Our staff are all seasoned professionals who are licensed and insured.

We want you to be able to concentrate on your business or enjoy the snow from inside your house without worrying about it blocking you in or causing a hazard. Call our Mississauga snow removal services today.


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