Our Ontario Commercial Snow Removal Services Thrive with Smart Customers

We want to be your number one choice for Ontario commercial snow removal. Transparency is one of the top priorities for us. That means, among other things, that we use this blog to share some information about snow removal in general and what you should be looking to get for your business.

That’s why we put together this consumer knowledge base. We want you to get all you can from our snow removal company. Because we’ve been in business for quite some time, we’ve been able to put together some knowledgeable tips we thought we could share with you.

For example, choosing the right Ontario commercial snow removal is made much easier when you have the right information at your fingertips. Here’s a few things that we know will lead you right back to us here at Essential Landscaping.


Transparency is always the best option when you’re looking for one of these companies. Stay away from any offers that might seem attractive because they give you a good price right away without any details. Generally, what happens is you wind up paying for extra charges.

There are a variety of ways that these companies get run. Some of the things that we found are the best factors to look for are companies that are dedicated to snow in the winter months. As such they should have a group of employees and a large fleet of vehicles. Make sure to ask about insurance because everyone needs to be covered.

The Right Path

Asking the right questions will always lead you down the right path. You want to know about what legal responsibilities they have as the company that will be removing snow from your commercial property.

One of the other areas where you need to investigate his insurance coverage. Quite often smaller contractors don’t have the right insurance or Workmen’s Compensation coverage. If you can’t find the right certifications from the company you’re thinking about using, they very well might be using under the table uninsured workers.

Ontario Commercial Snow Removal and The Right Contracts  

One of the most critical things that you will need to consider is the actual snow removal contract. It’s important to keep in mind that there’s really no regulatory bodies here. Each company that you get an estimate from will have a different set of metrics.

However, almost all of these companies will want you to sign some kind of agreement. That’s where the devil is in the details so to speak. It’s always a good idea to get your attorney to look at anything before you sign, but there are a few things you can go over on your own beforehand.

For example, although it’s not completely necessary, it’s a good idea if the company supplies diagrams of the areas they are going to remove snow from. It shows right away that they are dedicated to finding the best ways to clean the area regardless of the amount of precipitation that comes along.

What Out for Vagueness  

Of course, negotiating a contract for any Ontario commercial snow removal services means having some in-depth conversations. Here’s another helpful tip that will help you to find the right company. Over the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve always found that our competition that uses catchphrases like “your property will be done first,” are being purposely misleading.

It’s important that everything is spelled out in detail. For example, you’ll want to know what the definition of a snow and ice storm is according to the company and have that clearly laid out in the contract.

Response Times

It’s very important to make sure that any contractor you are considering puts the response times down in writing. Some may want to verbally describe to you the factors that go into this type of response, but it’s always better to get it down on a page.

Keep in mind that there are is some liability that you will need to look at on your part as well. For example, if you have an agreement to remove snow and ice from your commercial property that’s not much more than a bill of sale with some figures on it.You won’t be protected if there’s an accident. 

The Right Contract  

Those are just a few of the reasons that we’ve been in business for as long as we have. Making sure that our customers are 100% satisfied means having a contract where we dot our I’s and cross out T’s.

These documents need to be carefully crafted in case of property damage as well. Over the years that we’ve been involved in Ontario commercial snow removal, we always like to suggest that you get your lawyer involved so everyone understands their responsibilities.


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