Here’s Why Your Business Needs Our Parking Lot Maintenance in Mississauga Services

Essential Landscaping has a wealth of experience in commercial landscaping generally and parking lot maintenance in Mississauga specifically. If your parking lot has lines that are looking worn out and old, we can help. We offer a line painting service that can make your lot look fresh and new. Remember, nonexistent or faded lines can also be a safety issue.

Here are some other benefits to making sure the lines in your parking lot get repainted on a regular and constant basis.

  • The work we do ensures safety compliance. We look after clearly marking the designated stalls that need to adhere to bylaw standards. Those include ones for disabled parking. All of the lines that we paint also meet the municipal standards for minimum dimensions.
  • The lines we paint also clearly mark off specific areas like no parking zones, and emergency and fire lanes. Regardless of the size of your business, your parking facility needs to meet certain standards.

Our Parking Lot Maintenance in Mississauga Service Paints Lines to Improve Traffic Flow

Businesses that have a high turnover rate need to consider the angles for your parking slots and how they get painted. For example, a 45 to 60° angle is ideal when you have spaces for a business with a high turnover. On the other hand, parking lots with 90° angles are the most difficult to get in and out of. These are best left for employee and overnight parking needs.

Parking Spaces

It’s also important to consider how many parking spaces you’ll need via building code requirements and industry recommendations. Different industries require different sized spaces. For example, lines painted for a grocery store parking lot need to be a little wider. They allow your customers extra room to get in and out and load their groceries.

Other Considerations

There are other considerations when it comes to painting lines for van accessible parking spaces, ramps, walkways and handicapped requirements. Creating an optimized and safe system also includes making allowances for pedestrian traffic.

Our parking lot maintenance in Mississauga services are designed to help optimize your traffic flow and keep property owners safe from liability claims from tenants, employees and visitors.

Essential Landscaping has grown into an efficient and budget friendly company from our origins 20 years ago. We service a wide variety of different properties around and through the GTA. All of our work is done by team members that are fully insured and licensed.


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