Our Snow Plowing Services in Vaughan Discuss How A Buildup Can Damage Your Business

Our snowplowing services in Vaughan are ideal for businesses of different sizes. There are safety issues when you don’t keep your walkways and parking lots cleared. Not only that, but you can lose business to the competition if your  building and surrounding areas don’t look well-kept and plowed.

Here are some ways that allowing snow to build up around your business can cause big issues.

Ice Dams

This is a related issue that can damage your business. If the roof on your enterprise is not well insulated, heat will come up through the attic and melt the snow that’s resting on the outside. When the water melts, it reaches a frozen eaves trough and then ice forms.

Once it begins, an ice dam continues to build up in weight and size. Long and heavy icicles form and can fall and hit employees and/or customers.

Hiring a snow removal company is a good first step in making sure the snow around your building is kept at bay. It’s important to sign a contract clearly defining your expectations and the company’s responsibilities. You can also check the grading around your building to make sure that slopes away from the foundation.

Icy Conditions

Ice in your parking lot and sidewalks can cause problems for people walking by. Our snowplowing services in Vaughan also include ice control. All of the staff members on our team are licensed and qualified to look after entrances, shipping areas and parking lots.

That means making sure that icy conditions don’t leave you liable.

Foundation Problems

Concrete is a porous substance. So moisture can start to creep into your business slowly as the weather gets colder. That means it’s important to plow snow away from resting at the base of your foundation. Otherwise, water is absorbed in the pores in concrete and expands and freezes.

Eventually, small cracks increase over the course of several winters. Left alone over long enough period of time, this can cause problems for your foundation.

Trying to shovel the snow by yourself creates a variety of health risks including muscle fatigue, backaches and slips and falls.

We can help with our snowplowing services in Vaughan.  We stay on top of the weather 24 hours a day so that we can be on site looking after your property as soon as a storm begins. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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