Some Features You’ll Get with Our Snow Removal in Mississauga Services

Businesses have come to rely on our snow removal in Mississauga services. If parking lots and employee areas are not plowed properly during the busy winter season, your business can suffer. The job needs to be done efficiently and safely.

Here’s a few things we consider with each project.

Essential Landscaping is proud to look after all of your commercial landscaping and snow removal services. We are a detail-orientated company that gets you the best price and the most efficient results.

An Accurate Idea

Getting an accurate idea of the size and scope of the project is the first step. More often than not, there will be some shoveling of narrow walkways and sidewalks involved. It’s important to keep these areas clear at all times. We make sure to follow all of the safety regulations in your area. This includes not piling snow close to any handicap spaces.

It’s important to us to inspect your commercial property before the plowing season starts. Planning your snow removal in Mississauga project is a top priority. We like to check for any potential hazards like low landscaping, medians, bumps and holes. This includes any obstacles like fire hydrants that could be covered with snow during the winter season.

A Blueprint

This gives us a blueprint for each project we work on. Essential Landscaping looks after every aspect of your project so that everyone is safe and your property stays clear. For example, we make sure to drag snow away from the entranceway of any buildings. Then we push it into a space set aside to pile snow during the winter season.

We work with our customers in the GTA and beyond. We ask about restrictions on where we can stack the snow or parts of the property you don’t want plowed. We also take precautions to make sure snow isn’t piled at the end of driveways. This can create a safety hazard for visibility when employees and customers are entering and exiting a parking lot.

Twenty Years Experience

We look after ice and snow removal for different class A properties like office buildings, industrial properties and retirement communities. If you’re looking for experience, our dedicated professionals have over 20 years in the industry. Getting in touch with us is as simple as filling out the tab on our website. It’s an easy way to get a snow removal in Mississauga quote.


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