Our Tree & Shrub Maintenance Services in Mississauga Answers These FAQ

Essential Landscaping offers a variety of commercial options that include tree and shrub maintenance services in Mississauga.  We have decades of experience in every part of this business. What’s more, our professional employees are mature and skilled.

We get a lot of questions about trees and shrubs and how they can affect the first impression people get of your business. Here’s the FAQs for some of the more common ones.

Question:  What kind of shrubs should my business pick?

Answer: There are a few things to consider before you choose a shrub for your landscaping. First off, consider how  high and wide it will be when it reaches maturity. Is it being used as a foundation plant? If that’s the case, make sure that it won’t obstruct walkways or block windows.

Question: What are some of the common shrubs that get used around commercial buildings?

Answer:  The tree and shrub maintenance services in Mississauga we provide have a few different suggestions. For example, boxwoods are one of the more common landscaping shrubs. They work well in front of the building to provide a colorful first impression. They are also a good choice if you’re looking to fill in spaces between other trees and shrubs. Another common choice is the English Holly shrub. These are an excellent choice for the front of any commercial building since they are evergreen and have attractive clusters of red berries. They are commonly used in landscaping for foundation planting and or as a screening hedge.

Question: What should my business know about the correct size of shrub?

Answer: Matching up the correct shrub to the area where you want to plant it is a big part of getting this right. It will save you years of struggling to keep it looking well-kept. Here’s a helpful hint. Quality shrubs sold by credible nurseries include tags that will tell you exactly what the width and height will be when they are mature.

Question: What shrubs are best for the front of the building?

Answer: If you have a small garden in front of the walkway to your shop, dwarf shrubs are a good choice. They take up the space when there’s not enough room for trees.

Finally, remember that our tree and shrub maintenance services in Mississauga include weekly efforts that will preserve the natural shape of shrubs and trees on your property.


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