Commercial Landscaping Ideas That Work with Our Weekly Lawn Care and Maintenance in Mississauga Services

If your commercial property has a lot of traffic with customers and other types of visitors, you should look into our weekly lawn care and maintenance in Mississauga services.


This is part of our standard summer maintenance package where we cut the lawns on a weekly basis and pick up any litter. There are other services included like cultivating and monitoring for weeds.

First Impression

The idea is to give an excellent first impression. Here are some other commercial landscaping ideas that can help you to accomplish that goal.

  • Adding colour that works with your brand helps. If you use particular colours in your logo, you can add them to flowerbeds for an excellent effect. It’s also a great way to help any commercial property stand head and shoulders apart from any neighbors. Generally, flowers are an excellent way to brighten up any commercial property. Our weekly lawn care and maintenance in Mississauga services also include plant bed cultivation.
  • Landscaping also needs to be functional and add to curb appeal. It needs to direct potential customers to the front of your building. Planting walkways that are full of flowers, trees and plants is a good way to accomplish that goal.
  • If you’re like most companies, you are looking to reduce the amount of maintenance you need. Planting native plants is one way to beat the competition. There are several advantages including the fact they are suited to your climate and fit into the existing landscape.

Good commercial landscaping also needs to accentuate the architecture of the building. Texture and colour choices help to draw attention to the front of your enterprise. Lining the driveway with shrubs and trees accomplishes the same goal.

Reflecting your businesses values in your commercial landscaping is important. If you’re looking at being seen as environmentally friendly, consider solar panels and rain water reclamation devices.


Parking lots also need to be kept separate from the main entrance to your building. You can also incorporate separate visitors and/or employee’s lots since they can be an eyesore to customers.

Most businesses want to focus on professionalism and quality. That’s why your flowerbeds gardens and lawns should be maintained with our weekly lawn care and maintenance in Mississauga services.


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