Rely on Essential Landscaping Ltd. for Mississauga snow removal services

For your commercial property in Mississauga snow removal services of the premises is an obligation that every businessman should take seriously. Snow can make passageways and parking lots slippery and can lead to injuries from falling and slipping or car accidents from skidding tires. These occurrences can cost your company a great amount of money in payments for increased medical insurance premiums, disability benefits and damage to property.

Mississauga snow removal services is a service of the city for main and secondary roads, excluding driveways and privately-owned properties. Removing snow is a back-breaking task if done manually. A thorough clearing of business establishments will require heavy duty equipment, able bodies and strong muscles, and the relevant training and skills. And it would nonsensical for your firm to buy snow plowers and trucks or to employ workers to do the job.

We at Essential Landscaping Ltd. understand that your concern for the safety and convenience of your employees, vendors, suppliers and clients is foremost. We specialize in winter maintenance projects including snow and ice removal. For one-time removals, we respond to your calls swiftly and if you’re on an entire season’s contract, we monitor the snowfall so you feel secure that everything is under control. Our fees are friendly on the budget and there are no hidden charges. We also perform snow plowing in Mississauga and other places in the Greater Toronto Area.

We know that the winter season can be harsh and we are ready to face the most severe snowfalls and ice storms. Our more than twenty years of experience in the industry speaks of our record of excellent service and pleased customers. Contact us before winter comes. We are available to talk to you at (905) 857-5296.


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