Snow Removal in Mississauga Tips for Your Business

Our snow removal in Mississauga team specializes in removing snow and ice from different Class A properties. This includes retirement communities, office buildings and condominiums. We have two decades of experience dealing with cold temperatures and weather extremes. Our top priority is making sure people have access to their properties during the winter season.

We have a complete professional fleet of vehicles to remove your snow and ice. As experts in the field, we offer our clients these tips for snow removal in Mississauga for your business.

  • Planning where to dump the excess snow keeps things moving along as it piles up. One of the best ideas is to try and keep it away from heavy traffic areas and driveways. Using a wheelbarrow can help carry it a safe distance. If you burn firewood during the winter, be careful not to block access to your woodpile.
  • It’s always a good idea to keep a reserve of salt on hand. If you’re like most business owners, you either plow or shovel your driveway and walkways. However, constant freeze/thaw cycles can melt snow and then turn it back into ice. Business owners should always plan to remove the snow before it has a chance to melt and then refreeze. However, this isn’t always possible and that’s where salt comes in handy.
  • You should always leave yourself more than enough time to shovel. Unfortunately, many injuries are caused by people who are rushing to get the job done. Another snow removal in Mississauga tip for clearing areas around your home includes using the right kind of snow shovel. Business owners more than likely only need a lightweight shovel with a blade that isn’t too large. The handle should be just long enough so you don’t have to stoop. Metal grips get too cold. Look for a shovel made from plastic or wood.

There are a few other things you should do before you shovel snow at business. For example, warming up for 10 minutes with some easy exercises like marching in place will get your blood flowing. Don’t forget to stretch before you start shovelling snow to help avoid straining any muscles.

Remember to call us if you’ve got a business with different areas that need to be cleared by professionals. Our snow removal in Mississauga services have all the proper heavy-duty equipment to take on this job.


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