Spring and Fall Cleanup in Brampton Tips To Get Ready For Colder Weather

Spring and Fall Cleanup Brampton

Essential Landscaping offers spring and fall cleanup in Brampton services that achieve outstanding curb appeal when the seasons change.  We know that each season has a different requirement and challenge. That’s why our professional packages are based on the proven practices that make a difference for landscape maintenance.

Here’s some tips that will help get your commercial property in shape for the coming cold weather.

  • Have you planted shrubs or trees on your commercial property the last several years? They should be wrapped up before temperatures drop. It’s best to do this before the first frost hits in December. Protective burlap guards the trunks of your trees or shrubbery by acting like a wind barrier. It also acts as a protective shield from salt damage.
  • That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the Fall. This is the best time to start seeding for grasses. Start 45 days before the first frost sets in. The soil is warm, but the temperatures are moderate during the day and cooler in the evenings. This encourages quick germination. As part of our spring and fall cleanup in Brampton, we remove debris from your lawn during the fall so it’s protected when the winter hits.
  • This is also a good time of year to do some other work on the soil around your business. Aerating is a good idea so that fertilizer, oxygen and water can reach the roots more quickly and easily. It also helps to prevent it from compacting when it gets covered with snow.

Remove Annuals

If you planted seasonal annuals around your property, now is the time to remove them. However, there is no reason to leave your property bare during the winter. The right cold weather vegetation can bring it to life all year around.

Cold resistant plants that will survive in your flower bed can include violas. They may look delicate but don’t be deceived. These flowers grow in the Alpine mountains and survive during freezing snowstorms and heavy rains.

Answer Any of Your Questions

You can book a spring and fall cleanup in Brampton now. We are always available at Essential Landscaping to answer any of your questions. We are looking forward to getting in touch to book a consultation. Let us help you keep your commercial space ideal during this season.


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