Spring and Fall Cleanup in Richmond Hill Tips For Your Commercial Lawn

As the seasons change it’s time to consider our spring and fall cleanup in Richmond Hill services for your commercial lawn. We always like to tell our clients that fall lawn care is all about consistency. Your landscape maintenance program runs all year round. Here are some tips for making sure things are ready for the harsh winter.

  • This is an excellent time to consider aerating your lawn. The underlying thatch should be removed. It causes compacting while preventing oxygen and nutrients from getting to the roots. Commercial property owners with lots of area might be tempted to skip this part and save a few dollars. However, not performing this essential practice can cost you part of your lawn. Our services include removing any debris that accumulates.
  • Mulching your landscape beds is also important. Many people think this is a springtime chore for commercial property owners looking for seasonal flavor for their landscaping beds. However, mulching in the fall is also a good idea. It helps to protect roots from the harsh winter that’s coming. It’s important to keep in mind that during the fall and summer, a lot of mulch can be washed out of landscaping beds. Even the lightest of applications can do a lot when it comes to retaining soil moisture, preventing erosion, and suppressing weed growth.
  • Our spring and fall cleanup in Richmond Hill services also include tree and shrub maintenance. We are the professionals that can spot tree limbs that are dying, diseased, or dead. It’s a good idea to remove what can be potentially hazardous limbs before the cold weather. Don’t wait for the weight of ice and snow plus high winds. They could break and often cause property damage. Addressing any limbs that could be a business liability is always a good idea.

Our spring and fall cleanup in Richmond Hill services include a variety of features. Getting rid of decomposing plant material that can cause damage to lawn spaces and shrubs as well as trees is a priority.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can safeguard your lawn space for the coming winter. Why not book your spring and fall cleanup service now? We are always available to answer your questions and book any consultations. Call or email today so we can get started before the snow flies.


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