Why Tree and Shrub Maintenance in Mississauga Matters To Your Business

Tree & Shrub Maintenance Mississauga

Our commercial landscaping services include tree and shrub maintenance in Mississauga. You can get a quote quickly and easily right on our website. These services provide clearance, shade and wind resistance for your business.

Pruning trees and hedges also helps to give a good first impression. However, there are other reasons to make sure these are trimmed and maintained properly.

For Trees

  • Pruning a tree on a regular basis helps it to develop healthy strong branches. Structural pruning improves lifespan and the form. In other words, your trees are healthier and look better with this type of care.
  • Unwanted trees can also be removed safely and quickly. This service can mean a huge difference in the appearance of your landscape. That’s why stump removal and tree planting are two of the other convenient options you should look at

Some of the best methods for tree maintenance and pruning include:

  • Selective pruning that removes broken branches and/or diseased parts. This type of pruning does several things including reducing the spread of insects disease and decay
  • Thinning is another type of pruning that’s meant to reduce the density of branches.
  • Raising is another method that’s meant to provide a vertical clearance. This is all about removing lower branches so there is clearance for vehicles and signs.
  • Reduction is another type of pruning that’s meant to reduce the spread or height of your tree.

For Hedges

Overgrown hedges and shrubs can leave a bad impression with prospective clients. Rows of shrubs and hedges as well as bushes can get out of control if they are not maintained regularly.  In some situations they can even present a safety hazard .

Tree and Shrub Maintenance in Mississauga and Safety

It’s important to remember that these types of projects can include wood chipping and stump grinding. That means they can be dangerous for business owners to attempt on their own. They can also be injured accidentally if they attempt to trim trees that are near overhead electrical wires.

Remember the tree limbs can actually conduct electricity. If your business has trees growing anywhere near electrical wires, they can become energized.

It’s important to get professionals to look after tree and shrub maintenance in Mississauga. These experts wear rubber soled boots and gloves to prevent fatal shocks. They also understand other safety techniques. For example, a professional will never extend a pruner or saw into the branches without looking for power lines first.


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