A Winter Grounds Maintenance in Vaughan Checklist for Plowing

Essential Landscaping provides Winter grounds maintenance in Vaughan that includes plowing your parking lot. We look after all the details including providing a safety analysis before we start. The size of your commercial property doesn’t matter, we have decades of skills and experience in snow removal.

Here’s a checklist for plowing that we use to make sure the job gets done properly.

  • Making a pass straight down the center of the parking lot is the most efficient way to get started. That way the snow can be pushed to the outer edges afterward. With the big snowfall, it’s the safest way to get going. This technique allows us to push as much bulk away from the middle of your parking lot as possible.
  • We don’t pile the snow in the middle of the parking lot either. That makes it difficult to move around later and it reduces your parking spaces.
  • Sometimes, we find it’s best to start with the sidewalks first. That way, your employees and customers have a clear path to get into your business. It’s also a good strategy to prevent any slip and fall accidents. Once the snow is removed, a good layer of road salt can be placed down so everyone gets some traction.

Essential Landscaping has a Winter grounds maintenance in Vaughan program that includes a complete fleet of snow removal equipment. Let us help you with some suggestions and guidance for maintaining your property throughout the winter months. We respond to each and every one of our clients with reliable professional equipment that’s built for deicing and snow removal.

Following are a few more of the techniques that we use so your project is done quickly and efficiently.

  • Our professionals are always careful not to damage any of the vehicles that you park on your property. Our operators are all trained in how to be very careful and keep their distance. They move slowly when operating the equipment, especially in wideouts or inclement weather conditions.
  • We also designate certain areas to dump the snow. It’s part of our detailed plan. We work together with our clients to make sure these dumping areas are out-of-the-way from heavy traffic.

Our Winter grounds maintenance in Vaughan services is also available for commercial properties throughout the GTA. We are fully insured and licensed and Essential Landscaping is a proud member of several different professional organizations.


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